Personalised Gifts with Calligraphy


Behind the brand

Tracy Ho is a York calligrapher and engraver artist based in Yorkshire, UK; and is able to travel to Leeds, Manchester and the surrounding areas. 

She helps luxury brands, local boutiques and businesses with a different touch as a live event artist. You get a unique experience with onsite event calligraphy or engraving for PR, luxury events, brand activations and corporate events. 

Your customers or employees will be walking away with amazing personalised products and wanting more. 

You can also elevate your gifting ideas by getting in touch with us for personalisation on presents with calligraphy for those who mean so much to you.

Sustainability is one of our values, and we try to use the most environmentally friendly materials or try to source from local businesses, as much as we can without sacrificing the aesthetics.


What we offer

Pointed / brush pen calligraphy services

Calligraphy- the art of producing decorative handwriting or lettering with a pen, brush or modern tools. Unlock the charm of personalisation with our modern calligraphy services.

Freehand calligraphy engraving services

Experience the elegance of personalisation with our calligraphy engraving services using a freehand engraving machine.

Hot foiling calligraphy services

Experience the beauty of calligraphy with our professional hot foil service using a portable heated pen to write on shimmery foil. Level up your personalisation with this unique service!

Printable affirmation quotes

Discover the power of manifestation prints for personal growth. Download and print at your convenience.

Printable affirmations

Indulge in the art of affirmations with our stunning collection of downloadable prints. Enhance your environment with words that uplift and motivate.