Modern Calligraphy

A modern calligrapher with a passion for personalising, Tracy will assist you whether you are looking for personalised gifts, custom calligraphy pieces, place cards or live event calligraphy. She is based in York, North Yorkshire but willing to travel to provide personalisation services.

She specialises in onsite calligraphy services for luxury events, brand activations and corporate events.

York-north Yorkshire uk-place cards calligrapher

We accept studio commissions for personalised gifts. We can also add that extra sparkle of calligraphy to your wedding or event with place cards, or write names on certificates for example. There are so many ways to use this artistic technique in our everyday lives. 

We are able to post items or drop off at a convenient location.


Please contact Tracy using the contact form or email if you wish to discuss about hand lettering enquiries. 



Why choose calligraphy services?

  • Customisation: Tailored to individual preferences, each piece is a unique embodiment of personal expression, reflecting the client’s distinct style and sentiment.
  • Versatility: From gifts to corporate branding and special occasions, calligraphy adds an unparalleled touch of refinement to diverse contexts.



 Font styles

There are three styles of font to choose from:

signature calligraphy font 
 modern calligraphy font- cloudy ink designs
classic calligraphy font- cloudy ink designs



 Onsite personalised Jo Malone boxes by modern calligrapher Tracy of Cloudy Ink Designs 

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